Ronnie Scott’s

About This Project

We were approached by Parisian designer Jacques Garcia to work on Ronnie Scott’s. Garcia is known for his work on Hotel Costes and other international projects in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Baden Baden and Brussels amongst many others.


We successfully created bespoke seating for the entire venue, within a remarkable three month turnaround. This included the vast array of tiered auditorium chairs, fixed bench seating and loose sofas in the VIP dressing room area. The members’ club was also fully furnished by us with luxurious lounge seats and a large upholstered island. The club was effectively split into two separate halves each with their own very individual personalities. Downstairs was structured with an element of elegance and sophistication clearly noted in the dark stained timber oak and the sumptuous burgundy velvet, the perfect atmosphere for fine dining and Jazz entertainment. Whilst upstairs took on a completely different persona, one of pure flamboyance providing glitz and glamour oozing from the rich gilt golds and opulent fabrics.


Ray Duhaney, Director of Operations at Ronnie Scott’s spoke of the longstanding relationship with us, “We’ve worked together on several projects spanning almost ten years including the infamous Cheyne Walk Brasserie. Each project is finished to a superb standard and this is why we continue to use them for each venue.”


Jonathan Fort, one of our directors, expressed his thoughts on working on such a prestigious project: “It has been an incredible experience and we have enjoyed working with such a prominent French design consultancy who have provided us with a very different outlook. Contributing to Ronnie Scott’s has felt like we are helping to continue the legacy ensuring that the name lives on for many future generations of talented Jazz musicians.”