Grain Store Cafe

About This Project

We were commissioned by Russell Sage Studio to manufacture tables and picture frames for the Grain Store Café & Bar at Gatwick. This is the second Grain Store restaurant we have been involved in having previously manufactured furniture for the award winning Grain Store restaurant at King’s Cross.


The custom built furniture helps to achieve the restaurant’s concept which aims to blur the lines between the kitchen and the restaurant. Two sets of poseur tables were commissioned, the first are ‘random timber’ butcher block tops surrounded by black webbing, which stand on chunky timber legs. The other tables are a split combination of Bianca Carrera Marble and butcher blocks standing on industrial scaffold legs which have been sprayed white and lacquered. A set of bespoke Beech frames which surround a set of decorative glass panels completed the project.


Russell Sage has once again designed a stimulating new restaurant incorporating our custom built furniture, which is bound to satisfy the discerning diners before their worldwide travels!