About This Project

Designed by BradyWilliams, for acclaimed restaurateurs Corbin & King, Fischer’s was a fantastic project for us to have been involved in. Fischer’s continues our ongoing association with Corbin & King having previously worked on Cafe Colbert, The Wolseley and Brasserie Zedel. Fischer’s design is clearly based on early twentieth century Vienna deco. BradyWilliams has designed an authentic and stylish neighbourhood café which is set to be an excellent addition to Corbin & King’s list of iconic London restaurants.


We developed and manufactured over sixty metres of bespoke seating upholstered in Edelman leather with show wood sapele timber legs and brass foot detail, thirty-nine high gloss veneered table tops inlaid with sapele and maple, and eight specially adapted bar stools. Marina Loughlin reviewed Fischer’s for the Guardian “Despite being spanking new, it looks like a grand 1920s Viennese café. Those inlays! That panelling! Those oils of the old country! There’s marquetry and mirrors, imposing clocks and shiny tiles. Oh, the lugubrious lavishness of it all.”